The Naughty Trader

Issue #1

Book #1

There are few places warm to Qal Stark that were hot as Edimngton’s Castle.

You could walk in having a good time with the other maids about the walls to find the hidden secrets of the castle. He was allowed in when he could find some sort of good barmaid who needed a certain guard’s affection, he played her in a direction she wouldn’t expect. When she was done with him he could find him in the cellar with the rest of the servant girls he could round up. Qal was a handsome boy, a true remarkable creature who could change the heart of anyone in just a second. Nobody could hold a candle to him on a joke and make him laugh if he didn’t want to. He was very strong like that.

Tonight, donned in his purple hood and green belt, he stepped as usually into the castle’s sanctum. Unaware of who he was, he passed a few servants who didn’t pay any attention to him. He was treated like another, he smiled. Walking along he made a quick turn down the corner with the beak of his nose sticking out and finding nothing at all of interest he walked cross the corridor. Then he entered what he expected to be a fair servant who was most welcome to all him and all his good works, readying a table for him to eat.

The halls were most delicate they were so large and long the bricks that each were amazingly larger than the next. He walked through stepping so carefully on the red, golden carpet bordered with knights carrying flags. All of his steps were a little off he was moving through his own range of what speed and duration his castle visit was to be, and what girl he wished to see next. All of the torches in the hall burned a sweet ember and the chandeliers above are lit, illuminating the entire curved castle.

When he entered the room, his surprise it was a woman of his age and what looked to be of his sides of things, as she wore her hair very fruitfully like a servant’s and dressed simply. She was quite beautiful to the young thief Oal and stared at him, she had been waiting there very long time. She smiled at him and he decided to walk in and see what was needed to be said so he might find his woman. “Good day to you stranger, though I believe you are more than a stranger here. I have heard my servant girls constantly bemoaning how they wish a young stranger who tells dark, twisted tales to them to return.”

Her humility in her voice scared Oal worse than the things that she could do to him if she was to turn him in.

“Oh no, don’t bother to sit I don’t think you will be here long. Well, how can I say this very pleasing to you in a way that you’ll understand? You see I’m but a princess in the castle,” she motioned her face at him. He recognized immediately as Princess Gadarial. “I’ve been very shopped. Do you know what I mean?”

“A woman who’s beauty matches the last name of your father will have the most difficult time finding what is true love.”

She smiled and replied, “you are the most borish of the types aren’t you? There are no places you can run so I expect this from you, what is your name citizen?”

“My name?”

“Yes,” she snapped.

“Qal Stark.”

“And Qal Stark have you a family or job? I suppose you’d have to have a family and of course you’d have no job. Probably my ladies feed you when you play cards with your friends, and get drunk I suppose of my silver.”

“That is not the case.”


Qal was taken back, bowed slightly and said, “I am only in your house tonight, my lady, to prove to some ladies how I will not be used for their games no longer. I came to this room here to see her and tell her it was over. If there was any coin, food, or anything like that was given to me it was then given under false permission. That I swear no woman was taken advantage of, nor was treated with any disdain.”

“I am being married to an ugly priest-like king whose smell irritates me. I will be not leaving this castle until the winter has passed. You have been caught inside my castle, therefore I am your conquerer, do you agree?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Good then I myself will take part of your game with my ladies of the castle then. I’ve instructed all ladies to not play with you on the pain of the birch, so I expect any lady who I find with you (and I will find them believe me) will have a great many lessons to set for herself.” She rested her hands on top one another. “Is there anything else?”

“No, let’s get started.” He got close to her and she brought up a finger to his lips.

“Not now. Return in a week to my bedroom, there we’ll have our fun Oal. I trust you didn’t mind what stories you told to my poor servant whipping girls to get them undressed would be different. Will it?”

The words were as smooth as the ice that floated down the river that brought the castle its massive wealth.

“No, m’lady,” he said. She looked appreciative for the first time that he was there, genuine. “How will I find your room though?”

She spread her legs and tugged on her dress, “I think you’ll find a way, won’t you?” Oal couldn’t help but stare at her with a lot of greed and lust, it was only her pulling her hands away and pressing down her dress that he backed off. “One week and I hope I don’t change my mind based of what I hear around the castle, after all what happens in the town reaches up here.”

“Yes, ma’am I’ll be sure to stick it where you can’t hear it.”

Instantly, she laid a finger on him. “If you do I’ll send my idiotic father’s guards on you with all my lies of convincing him I’m happy go-lucky girl. Now go.” Oal couldn’t do anything but back up watching her with every motion of the eye. “Close the door I’d hate for one of the guards to see you where you wouldn’t be wanted.”

“I’d be beloved believe me everyone here loves me, I give them great gifts.” She motioned to him to part. He walked out the door after gently closing it then moved down the hall. None of the ladies so much as payed a greeting to him, treating him with the utmost discretion. Though he was able to get them to be forced to acknowledge him through some means that only meant they couldn’t both forget to reminisce about that one night. Outside, he wondered how he’d spend a week in the town.